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Collaborate with our experts to create your own one of a kind custom gold mirrors.

Gold Mirrors


Gold Mirrors

Create custom gold mirrors framed with a wide range of materials and techniques. Your mirror could include a split trumeau or multi-panel mirror featuring bevels or polished edges. The silvering on your mirror glass can be customized to be clear, antique, or use gold leaf on a float, tinted, or art glass. Our experts can gild custom-designedhand-carved wooden frames utilizing a variety of leafs including:

  • 22K Yellow Gold
  • 18K Lemon Gold
  • 12K White Gold
  • Moon Gold
  • Patent Silver

In addition to custom mirror finishes, we can also execute any style of gold mirror:

    • Gilded Mirrors
    • Rose Gold Mirrors
    • Black Gold Mirrors
    • Gold Round Mirrors
    • Gold Oval Mirrors
    • Gold Rectangle Mirrors
    • Gold Hexagon Mirrors
    • Gold Full Length Mirrors
    • Floor Mirrors
    • Large Mirrors
    • Bathroom Mirror
    • Wall Mirrors

    Custom samples are available upon request.

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