What Trended at NeoCon 2019?

Neo Con Trends 2019
One of the residential style lounge spaces at Herman Miller.

What’s new at NeoCon 2019? This year we saw a harder turn into “resimercial” office design compared to last year, lots of color, and a plethora of seating we’d like to take home and sink into. Read on to learn more about what we saw trending at Neocon.

Flexible Furniture

Lounge Seating by JSI.

Walking into Herman Miller, known not only for its legendary Mid-Century furniture, but also for office fixtures like Ethospace, it was shocking to not see their showroom predominantly featuring workstations. They weren’t the only ones. Many vendors opted to lean into lounge furniture with vignettes that felt very much like they belonged in the home. After seeing some exploration into aesthetically beautiful lounge seating in 2018, there is a clear push toward workspaces that are designed to feel more like home.

The Heartbeat bench by Nienkämper.

Collaborative furniture was far from left out. A variety of conference tables featuring sit-to-stand and mixed finish materials as well as conference chairs that would look attractive in a home office or start-up environment debuted. There was an increased visibility of what one OFS representative described as “fidget furniture” like rocking chairs, ottomans, and alternative wrap-seating options that lend to the “work anywhere” idea.

Think Pink

You can have your pick of pink at NeoCon 2019.

Vibrant colors paired with calming beiges, off-whites, and grays may be the status quo for future office designs. Turquoise and Robin’s Egg blue were poplar colors this year, but the color that took the win was pink. Whether making an appearance as magenta, blush, or salmon, shades of pink were present in textiles, lounge furniture, paneling, and office seating across the showrooms at NeoCon.

Houndstooth upholstered lounge seating by HBF.

Also of note, patterns traditionally typical to residences like Tartan, Houndstooth, and florals were omnipresent, further leaning into the idea of making the office a home away from home.

Comfort Rules

The Lot & Found collection at HBF.

HBF’s Lost & Found collection perfectly sums up the motif of finding comfort in the workplace with their heavenly fabric “Crafted Cloud.” Most textile providers are promoting soft and textured woven fabrics with clever displays and upholstered lounge furniture that feels like sitting on a cloud.

The Hightower Nest Easy =lounge chair with ottoman.

There was also a strong return of velvet and velvet adjacent textures. Featured everywhere from footstools to sofas to paneling, this luxurious fabric is a welcome addition to any workspace in this spectator’s opinion.

As we see the office space trending toward a more inviting aesthetic, now is the time to personalize your company’s work space with custom design elements. Whether through furniture and office fixtures, custom art framing, or custom fabricated glass and mirror make your space stand out with elements that promote comfort.

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