Decorative Mirrors

Collaborate with us to create your own one of a kind custom decorative mirrors.

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Create custom decorative mirrors for your home. Collaborate with our experts to customize full length mirrors or floor mirrors, extra large mirrors, or small wall mirrors. Our customized mirrors include decorative options for specific rooms like bathroom mirrors or just general mirror panels.

We can hand build and hand carve custom frames for your mirror to suit any style or decor. Customize the silvering on your mirror glass to be clear, antique, or use gold leaf on float, tinted, or art glass. Our experts can create gold gilt mirrors from custom designs, utilizing a variety of leafs including:

  • 22K Yellow Gold
  • 18K Lemon Gold
  • 12K White Gold
  • Moon Gold
  • Patent Silver

We can also execute decorative mirrors for any application or style.


  • Home Décor Mirrors
  • Accent Mirrors
  • Salon Mirrors
  • Bar Mirrors
  • Large Wall Mirrors
  • Vanity Mirrors
  • Over the Door Mirrors
  • Closet Door Mirrors
  • Master Bath Mirrors/Bathroom Mirrors
  • Bedroom Mirrors/ Dressing Mirrors
  • Floor Mirrors/ Standing Mirrors/ Leaning Mirrors


  • Full Length Mirrors/ Long Mirrors/ Tall Mirrors
  • Large Mirrors
  • Bi-fold Mirrored Doors/ Tri-fold Mirrors
  • Round Mirrors
  • Oval Wall Mirrors
  • Square Mirrors
  • Rectangle Mirrors
  • Hexagon Mirrors
  • Arch Mirrors
  • Sunburst Mirrors
  • Venetian Mirrors
  • French Mirrors
  • Window Pane Mirrors
  • Frameless Mirrors
  • White Mirrors
  • Rose Gold Mirrors
  • Brass Mirrors
  • Metal Mirrors

Custom samples are available upon request.

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