Custom Lacquer Picture Frame Gilded and Lacquered, Armand Lee Artmill Group Chicago Mirror Frames

Custom Lacquer Frame

Armand Lee frequently receives requests to design and create unique frames for custom home decor. Over the course of two months our staff designed, built, and painted a commissioned custom lacquer frame. The process was anything but simple. Much like the finish on this custom mirror frame, there were several layers of work to execute. […]

Neo Con Trends 2019

What Trended at NeoCon 2019?

What’s new at NeoCon 2019? This year we saw a harder turn into “resimercial” office design compared to last year, lots of color, and a plethora of seating we’d like to take home and sink into. Read on to learn more about what we saw trending at Neocon. Flexible Furniture Walking into Herman Miller, known […]

Custom storage and display for antiques

Custom Cabinets for Antique Sheet Music

“Getting my husband’s entropy under control,” is Kathryn’s reason for commissioning a custom cabinet to display and store her husband’s acquisition of antique sheet music from the Metropolitan Opera Collection. Joking aside, doesn’t a unique collection deserve an equally unique housing? “He bought these and called to inform me this sheet music was coming. There […]

Herman Miller Lounge Set

Top 5 Trends at NeoCon 2018

As NeoCon 2018 winds down, those who were unable to attend might wonder to themselves, “What’s the next big thing?” We traversed across the many showrooms and spotted what looks to be like the hot trends that you can pull into your design projects. Vibrant Colors While color has been a welcome addition to office […]


Farewell to FredEric’s Framing

After serving Chicago with custom picture framing for over fifty years, we would like to offer our sincere respect to FredEric’s Framing for the expertise and care they have lent to the picture framing industry. Founded in 1965 by Fred Baker and Erich Klein, the home of FredEric’s Frame Studio Inc. has long been at […]